Indie Underrated: JUNO VINE-2020

You have to check out the new single from JUNO VINE’s upcoming debut album. The song, an indie folk ballad with elements of hip hop and R&B, touches on the scattered state of the world in 2020. The song mainly touches on the anxieties and fears surrounding COVID and the lockdown. Near the end of the track, it samples Donald Trump lambasting the 2020 George Floyd protestors and the music video showcases rotoscoped figures walking, eventually off a cliff, showing the track’s incredibly insightful message about how we as a society never really learned from the lockdown.

Production wise, the song is built around acoustic guitars, with an almost hip hop breakbeat in the background. The vocals are doubled, and flanged, and ambient guitar washes come in the pre chorus. Near the end of the song, heavy electric guitars fill the mix and give a rocking edge to the song. The production is incredibly dense but does not take away from the message, and one can draw parallels to The Arctic Monkeys and MGMT in the arrangement.

Juno Vine can be found on Instagram here. You can listen to JUNO VINE on Spotify and Apple Music here.

JUNO VINE and many more artists can be found on the Indie Underrated Spotify playlist here.

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