Indie Underrated: Idle Moon-Blindly Running Towards the Ocean

The new single from Idle Moon, Blindly Running Towards the Ocean, really caught our attention. The lead single from their new album, Nomad, Idle Moon has provided a smooth, almost slushy sounding mix of soul, psychedelia and afrobeat with this project. This track is entirely instrumental, with a vibe to it that is perfect for relaxing late at night.

The song is built around guitars, bass and drums with no vocals to them whatsoever. The tempo morphs in and out with sections that morph from staccato, almost surf sounding guitars, to a slow, grooving funk. The guitars morph between a staccato chicken picking lead, to long, phased out chords reminiscent of Sly and the Family Stone.

You can listen to this album on Spotify here, and consider purchasing the album on Bandcamp to financially support the band.

You can listen to this track along with many more that we cover on this blog on the Indie Underrated playlist here.

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