Kitty Russell-Life in Pink

Fans of SOPHIE and Lady Gaga will love Kitty Russell’s debut single, “life in pink”. The electrifying new track is a dance pop tune that mixes in elements of rock and electronic into the mix. The hook “I sold my soul on eBay for a life in pink” is a very poignant and clever way to approach the concept of the feeling of losing touch with yourself.

Kitty Russell’s vocals are expressive and clear, communicating the wide range of emotions that are present on the track and in the lyrics. The production on this song ranges from a synth driven pop tune to a harder rock track, with live drums and distorted guitars deep in the mix.

Kitty Russel is on instagram here. You can check out her new single on Spotify here and Apple Music here.

This single and more can be found on Indie Underrated’s Spotify playlist here.

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