IndieUnderrated: Die Softly-Shade

Die Softly has really caught our attention with her new single, Shade. The song, a driving, retro inspired pop jam, touches on themes of moving on. Die Softly sings about shade in order to move on from an arrogant partner. Her vocals recall those of Dua Lipa, with a melody that brings to mind St. Vincent’s work with Jack Antonoff on Masseducation.

The solo project of singer-songwriter Leah Rosen, Die Softly is an 80s inspired pop project that combines the sounds of retro wave, chill wave and alternative pop. Buzzy, arpeggiated synth bass opens the song, with rattling, Prince-esque Linn Drum, lush backing vocals and sparkly, neon synthesizers. This track was written about a decade before it was produced, with a new arrangement produced by Rosen herself.

For fans of synth pop and retrowave, this track should definitely be on your radar. You can listen to Shade on Spotify here and Apple Music here.

Listen to this track and more on the IndieUnderrated Spotify playlist here.

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