IndieUnderrated-Dead Rituals & Isadora Eden, Yvonne Ambree, moondaddy

Dead Rituals-Faults

Fans of My Bloody Valentine and The 1975 need to check out the Dead Rituals’ new single, Faults. In collaboration with dream folk singer Isadora Eden, Dead Rituals have put out a groovy, post-punk bop that agonizes over the complexity of human relationships. This complexity is shown in the way that the vocals harmonize in the chorus. 

The drum beat is sparse and driving, perfect for dancing to while still contributing to the moodiness the track is trying to accomplish. The track features twinkly, reverbed out guitars that would fit perfectly on a Neighbourhood or The XX song, with synths in the intro that sound straight out of Richard D. James’ Selected Ambient Works series of albums. This song fits in well with the indie rock/dance fusion that is all the rage in music right now, with some added texture and darkness to create a vibe perfect for late night drives.

You can check out Dead Rituals’ Instagram here, and Isadora Eden’s Instagram here. You can find the track on Spotify here and Apple Music here

Yvonne Ambree-Another Space

Another Space, the new single from Yvonne Ambree’s upcoming project, is a must listen. The 3rd release from her new project with Brooklyn producer Jeremy Page, the song is an emotional rollercoaster that goes from light and airy in the beginning to dark and all consuming. This transition ties into the lyrical theme of overcoming difficulties in life and the struggles we face in life. The vocals add tenderness to the electronic production, with a vocoded sound in the chorus that evoke 1970s/80s electronica. 

Production wise, the song evolves over time, with light, fluttering synths over a ping pong lead. The drums are spacious and reversed, almost with a shuffled feel to them. The production evokes the sound of artists like Francis and the Lights, James Blake, with a latter half that combines the meditative breakbeat with epic, neon synths straight out of a Neon Indian/The Weeknd song. If you’re looking for a heartbreaking yet cathartic track with glossy production that combines 80s balladry with electronic and R&B sounds, this is the track for you.
Yvonne Ambree’s Instagram can be found here. You can listen to the new single on Spotify and Apple Music

moondaddy-Fortune Teller

Fans of Portishead and The Arctic Monkeys need to check out moondaddy’s new single, Fortune Teller. The song is a trip hop inspired number about the uncertainty of relationships, almost as if you have to act as a medium in order to predict where the relationship will go from here. Moondaddy’s vocals recall the vocal work of Elizabeth Fraser during her time with The Cocteau Twins, with a hint of influence from Siouxsie Sioux in terms of vocal inflection. 

Recorded at Sonic Ranch studios, the production is primarily based in a trip hop style, with strings that recall a Gnarls Barkley song and the production work Mark Ronson did for Amy Winehouse. The guitar work and almost muffled vocals make the song feel like an old cassette you pulled out of your parents’ collection. The track is an absolute stunner with production that makes you feel like you’re in a 1960s nightclub. Moondaddy’s instagram can be found here, and the single can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. Be on the lookout for her upcoming album.

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