Fonvery-I Might Be Enough

Fans of Mac DeMarco and Steve Lacy will love the new single from indie musician Fonvery. His new single, produced and recorded by Fonvery himself, features incredibly lush production and heartfelt lyrics. Fonvery has a deep, rich voice that communicates the feelings of inadequacy and the desire to grow incredibly well. His vocals can draw parallels to Julian Casablancas and David Bowie in terms of the timbre. 

The production is lowkey and slinky, with jingly, chorused guitars reminiscent of the indie rock common of the 2010s, with acoustic guitars featured prominently in the mix as well. Fonvery’s voice is blown out with compression in a manner similarly to Kevin Parker’s vocal sound on Innerspeaker by Tame Impala, and the light shakers and percussion recall the work of Jack Johnson. Fonvery does all his own production and songwriting work, and his sound varies widely in style, with this single in particular featuring production that borrows from MGMT and Rex Orange County. 

Fonvery can be found on Instagram here. You can check out Fonvery’s music on Spotify here and Apple Music here

Check out this single and more on the Indie Underrated playlist here.

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