IndieUnderrated-Lee Switzer-Woolf, Ido Filiba, Liloe Rix, Cole Blu

Lee Switzer-Woolf-Yucatan

Hot off the presses of his second solo album, Annihilation Signals, Lee Switzer-Woolf has brought us a slinky new single with his track, Yucatan. Switzer-Woolf has placed the poetic lyrics he’s well known for front and center on this track, that combine with light, breathy vocals to bring out the melancholy in the sound. The vocals are mixed almost as a background instrument to contribute to the vibe that the track is conveying.

The music itself, which was written, produced, and recorded all by Switzer-Woolf himself in his home studio, continues the folktronica style he had been utilizing in his last release, albeit much more polished and elaborated. Acoustic guitars and brushed drums are swapped for jingly jangly electric guitars and 808 drums that recall a band like the xx, playing a country-esque style but electro-fied. Such production choice contributes to the parallels between the anxieties of living in the 70s to the anxieties felt living in todays society, which Switzer-Woolf communicates so well in the lyrics.  You can follow Lee Switzer-Woolf on Instagram here. You can check out his new album on Spotify here and Apple Music here.

Ido Filiba-Sofie

One standout track from Ido Filiba’s new record Seasons and Still is the meditative tune Sofie. The tune reflects on past relationships and thinking back on what could have been, with backing vocals that could be interpreted as coming from the subject “Sofie” in question. The vocals are very sing songy and almost like a lullaby, with a very crisp and intimate recording. 

Such reminiscence is perfectly captured on the music, which opens up on a very mellow, plucked acoustic guitar that’s reminiscent of Elliot Smith’s acoustic tracks. As the song progresses, more washed out electric guitars and chorused vocals build up the atmosphere of the song. The lead guitar near the middle of the track bring to mind the solo work of John Mayer and the strings sound almost ambient. The instrumental overall is absolutely gorgeous and full of life. 

If you’re looking for the perfect heartbreak ballad to kick off your summer, this tune is perfect. Ido Filiba and his band are currently rehearsing for a tour of Israel and preparing for a small tour of Europe next winter. His instagram can be found here and his Spotify can be found here.   

Liloe Rix-Can’t Stop

Liloe Rix caught our attention with her new single, Can’t Stop. The fourth, and final single, from Liloe Rix’s new EP “Imperfections” is an absolutely groovy, driving track with loads of 80s sheen. The track is about letting go of old habits and making her own way in life no matter what people tell her. Liloe Rix has an absolutely gorgeous and rich vocal, with a timbre reminiscent of Beth Gibbons. 

Production wise, this track is very interesting in that it combines acoustic and electronic elements in a way that brings to mind many of the classic AM radio tracks of the 80s. The synthesizers bring out a very neon, punchy kind of sound to the production that emphasize the throwback vibes to the song. Liloe Rix has counted John Mayer’s most recent material as an influence, but Fleetwood Mac, The 1975, and Dua Lipa also draw to mind as notable influences. 

If you’re looking for a driving, upbeat alternative pop song to add to your summer playlist, Liloe Rix’s new song, as well as the rest of her upcoming EP is perfect for you. Her Spotify is here and Apple Music is here, and her Instagram can be found here

Cole Blu-Thundering, Blissful

Heralding from Maine, Cole Blu has brought an incredibly thoughtful progressive pop single with their new tune “Thundering, Blissful”. A standout track from their new album, Torso, the track is a musical odyssey. Cole’s vocals are subdued yet speak a variety of different emotions about, and can easily cut through the layers of music throughout. In the process of making this record, Cole was inspired by the art films of David Lynch and artists like Kate Bush, Patti Smith and Joni Mitchell. 

The music is as cinematic as Blu’s influences, characterized by various genre switches throughout the song all with vastly different dynamics. At times, the production is densely layered with synthesizers and distorted guitars, with Blu’s vocal part acting almost as an anchor for the track to segue between transition. Parallels can be drawn to the music of Yves Tumor and 100 gecs in terms of how distorted and spacey the production gets in this track. The track eventually winds down into an outro consisting of just Blu’s vocal, guitar and ambient synth sounds, reminiscent of James Blake and Frank Ocean, whom Blu counts as an influence on their music.

You can check out Cole Blu’s Instagram here, and their Spotify here

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