BAYWUD & Dvniel – Stand By You

BAYWUD and Dvniel caught our attention with their most recent single, Stand By You. The track features backing vocals in the chorus that really add to the song’s anthemic nature while not cramming the track too much. The verse vocals are light and expressive, with a slight flutter to them that exposes the track’s vulnerability. The inspired performances provide a lot of soul and warmth to the song, while staying tasteful in the embellishments. The lyrics are especially beautiful, with a central theme of supporting the subject no matter what hardships come their way.

The tune is a slow, indie folk ballad that combines the classic songwriting of Tom Petty by way of the alternative folk stylings of Hozier, with a slight hint of gospel. Stylistically, the contrasting crooning falsetto evokes the early sound of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. Instrumentally, the song is acoustic guitar driven, but features organ, light drums and Wurlitzer E Piano in the outro that support the inspiring message of the chorus.

You can check out Stand By You on our Indie Under Rated Playlist.

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