IndieUnderrated – Quiet Sonia, Derde Verde, Hayden Besswood, Chris Robinette

The layers and drama slowly build to a rupture on Lilies, the new single from Quiet Sonia.  The second single from their upcoming full length QS, Lilies is intoxicating musical theatre.  It blends the aura of post rock and post punk effectively.  For us, the singers raw tortured affect is its more exhilarating detail.  His grumbly bellow fights to trace the melody but also resolves in jest to your acquired understanding of his presentation.  This is superb musical theater, nailed to your heart with the slam dunk resolution that is the songs mantra “Spirit In Light.”  For comparisons, Quiet Sonia is as if Monsters and Men and Midnight Oil collaborated with a post hardcore singer.  We love it. 

Hear Lilies now on our Indie Underrated Playlist. 

Derde Verde caught our attention with their new single Don’t Look Away.  They update 80s alternative jangly post punk with a modern indie sensibility.  Like an indie rock Echo and The Bunnymen.  The indie influence is heard on moments like the choruses vibrant baseline.  That compositional surprise might be the trademark that pushes the song to the surface.  It bears an influence of Radiohead to match its 80s alternative roots. We can dig it. 

Hear Don’t Look Away now on our Indie Underrated Playlist.

Time Will Tell unfolds like a journey.  Hayden Besswood commits to a vamp and pushes the song forward with subtle chord tweaks and flashes of cosmic samples.  They fly around the atmosphere like flirtatious fairies, dancing admiringly around his melancholy psych induced musings.  Conceptualized like the chemicals assumed to initiate this vibe, his anxiety grows with their relentless teasing.  A tempo throws this daydream forward, thrusting you into his imaginative cultivated sonic spirit, one that blends first wave Tame Impala with the drawn out drama of first wave War On Drugs.  Fleeing the commercial machine, he knows there’s still more trails to probe within this vibe.  

Time Will Tell is featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist.  

Chris Robinette is an innovator.  He’s a prolific artist with a treasure of releases.  We dig the exotic experimental appeal of tracks like Contained, Gracious.  That vibe evolves with an indie sensibility on Favorite Dress, recalling the works of Yeasayer and Local Natives.  He brings melodic surprise and intrigue on quirky moments like Sick Girl.  He gets experimental electro on the abstract Quitter.  Collectively he’s crafting a dynamic palette with an intoxicating breadth of influence, one that truly represents the ethos of Indie Underrated. 

Chris Robinette is featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist.  

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