Luke Frees – Strings

Luke Frees gets sentimental on his new single Strings.  The scope of his catalog shows a wide breadth of influence, one that shows an appreciation for Punk within a contemporary framework.  Strings might be his most Bowie moment, recalling post Ziggy Stardust jams like Five Years. 

Strings is theatrical, like a Broadway meets Rock breakthrough.  It updates that classic vibe with the Brit Pop appeal of Arctic Monkeys.  It’s heard in the big drop of the snare and bright jangly guitars. 

Lyrically, Frees isn’t afraid to keep it real.  A songwriter for our times, he shows a sense of time and place on lines like “I put my phone on silence…” If you’re looking to capture the small details known to our generation, get a dose of Strings

Hear Strings now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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