Indie Under Rated – Gal Musette, Pink Honey Moan, Adeline V Lopez, Bloody Peach

Gal Musette is having her moment.  The lullaby melody of her new single has jingle potential.  It lives in your headspace rent free.  The beat drop is equally intoxicating, it’s the proper dramatic shift to take you from intrigued to totally lost in the… moment.  Well you get the point.  Gal is a sure thing for fans of Feist and Phoebe Bridgers.  She’s also got some Norah Jones style contemporary sensibilities, a features she leans into with her live performances. Catch her often in her native LA, where she’s been turning heads and catching buzz.

Pink Honey Moan teams up with Beeson for their new single Bad Man.  This pumping groove strolls then jives in tandem with the songs dramatic lift.  The two vocalists compliment each other effectively.  His delivery is an attitude filled bellow and hers a swagger rich swoon.  This stylistic gem recalls grooving hits by Spoon or Cautious Clay.  There’s a sense of nostalgia and an appreciate for vintage soul that permeates through the production design.  As it should be, as any Bad Man would need a proper groove to accompany his tribute. 

Adeline V. Lopez is an exciting emerging songwriter with a powerful lyrical pen.  Her compositional narratives are dense and thorough.  Her songs collectively tell someone’s life story, or perhaps a collection of stories curated together with masterful imagery.  The sentiment rings true on her recent NY Won’t Feel The Same.  A tribute to a departing lover, it’s accented by her emotional performance, one that features her trademark quivering vibrato and vulnerable hush.  Somewhere between Lizzy McAlpine and Kacey Musgraves, Lopez is sneaky edgy.  She is breaking rules and taking no prisoners.  Ex lovers beware, a song is coming for you soon. 

The legacies of ELO and Bowie are purveyed with an indie sensibility on Flowers, the new single from Bloody Peach.  She updates a classic vibe with the stylistic updated urban appeal of Sharon Van Etten.  All comparisons aside, Bloody Peach is creating an infectious vibe all their own.  Indie pop fit for the roller rink and guaranteed to boost a chemical in concert high, Flowers is a trip.  We can dig it. 

Gal Musette, Pink Honey Moan, Adeline V Lopez, & Bloody Peach are currently featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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