Bubble Tea and Cigarettes – French Movie

Bubble Tea and Cigarettes are hypnotic on their dreamy new single French Movie.  The singers lush hush delivery adds mystery and mischief to the cinematic appeal of revolving stacked synths.  A constant ride glues the mix together while swirls of atmospheric synths paint a heavenly presence. 

Bubble Tea and Cigarettes – French Movie

This is the classic electro psych vibe known to acts like Air and underground icons Mellow, it’s fitting as such that Bubble Tea and Cigarettes would conceptualize the release as French Movie.  That chill psych electro vibe was most present in French pop and the evolutions known to turn of the century innovators.  They evolve it with the dreamy electro-gaze presence of Beach House.  They brings their own trademark ideas such as the Motown bass and the singers rich lush presence.  It’s the kind of chic psych pop we find delectable. 

Hear French Movie now on our Indie Underrated Playlist.  

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