Jacko Hooper – Nowhere

Jacko Hooper is a machine.  He’s worked with some significant names in the industry.  He’s also a great solo artist in his own right, with an imaginative direction and prolific touch.  That sentiment rings true on his new full length release Respair.  Collectively impressive, we were most drawn to the opening composition Nowhere

For us, the arrangement and production on Nowhere showcase his full ability.  From the initial spoken word to the melodic movements coming out of the first vocal section, he traces the legacy of Pink Floyd.  We hear elements from both Dark Side and The Wall. 

The buried shoegaze inspired vocal sheds another scope of influence, with an element of Post Rock heard in the melodic expressive guitar work.  It’s as if Explosions In The Sky made a record with Grizzly Bear.  We love it immensely. 

Hear Nowhere now on our Indie Underrated Playlist.  

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