High and Low – Prima Apollinaare

We were captivated by High and Low, the new release from Prima Apollinaare. Listen and hear Prima’s dreamy vocals. Paired with her introspective lyrics the affect is collectively intoxicating. This elegant piece has us in a trance. Her music is reminiscent to iconic vibe masters like Florence and the Machine and Kate Bush. We loved the indie dream pop sound adapted within her own scope of expression and influence. You can view her star potential on the nostalgic music video for High and Low here. 

Prima Apollinaare recently released a new EP called, Alignment. This project focuses on the feelings that make up the human experience. We hear an aspect of that in High and Low. Recorded at West Hollywood/Sturdy Studios. This track embodies a lot of emotion, and vulnerability. Showcasing the true talents that this artist carries. We loved this one. 


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