In The Cosmos – Suburban Bicycle Gang

We were captivated by In The Cosmos, the new single from Suburban Bicycle Gang. The intro is electric as Suburban Bicycle Gang brings us into a flush of vibes. We loved the excitement and the intricate riffs throughout the track. Their inventive yet intoxicating vocals sucked us right into their song. With nostalgic reverence we hear a classic influence of The Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson. 

With their last release being in 2019, Suburban Bicycle Gang did not disappoint with their most recent release. Based in Ontario, they have created an excellent mix, showcasing their skills and vast creativity. You do not want to miss this band, we recommend checking out their Album, Softballs Are Too Hard. We had a great time listening to this track and exploring their production. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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