Microphone – TheOverhead Bins

Get lost in the dreamy design of Microphone, the new single from The Overhead Bins. We love their indie dream pop feel that features a flash of rock. We dig the intoxicating design as you are immersed in ambient layers with lush soft vocals to illuminate that feel. Fans of The Cranberries and The 1975 will instantly connect with this sound. We love the production style that this band has chosen. 

Microphone was a 3 year long process. Based in Brooklyn, The OverHead Bins are a 3 piece band with an array of talent. All Band members have come from Berklee. With the help of their friend/producer, Ryan Saavendra, they were able to bring their ideas to life. We loved the different nuances in this song, and loved the direction that they are headed in. We really liked this one. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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