Indie Underrated – Lola Balter, St Catherine’s Child, Oskar O

Lola Balter is captivating on her recent Fall For It.  A lush vocal delivery presents a voice wise beyond her years.  The band erupts as her sultry vibrato drips with passion and feeling. 

Lola gives us all of herself to this tale of heartbreak.  This vibe instantly connects with fans of Angel Olsen and Feist.  Hear it now on our Indie Underrated Playlist. 

St Catherine’s Child finds peace on Every Generation.  An alt country vibe reflects the works of Brandi Carlisle with some of the contemporary indie flex of Kathleen Edwards.  St Catherine’s Child is convincing on this tale of commonality. 

The songwriting has Springsteen roots, connecting the roots of our middle class fabric with an infectious melodic evolution in the dreamy chorus.  The artist sings with a hurt and vulnerability that’s seen under the rug of life.  Get lost with Every Generation, now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

The evolution of soundcloud rap and hyper pop have conceived the experimental infectious design of Religious Psychosis, the new single from OSKAR O.  An array of influences and her own twisted reality evolve into this futuristic hit. 

Religious Psychosis is catchy and surprisingly undeniable.  It’s the kind of experimental flex that brings crossover mainstream potential.  If Imogen Heap had a love baby with Lil Yachty.  We can dig it.  Hear Religious Psychosis now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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