Number One – Tophouse

We were captivated by Number One, the new release from Tophouse. They present an elegant indie folk sound with harmonious appeal. We loved their use of violins and the thoughtful spacing in their sound production. The melodies are catchy and will leave you humming Number One all day. Fans of The Doobie Brothers and Watchhouse will instantly connect with this sound. Their fun vibe is lifted with a contrasting melancholy, a trademark of the modern indie sound.

TopHouse is based in Montana, consisting of four band members. Number One was recently released following their EP Campfire Stories. Tophouse is complacently independent in everything they do. All production, to mastering and social media marketing, is all done in house. Their work is very respectable, and shows their attention to detail and devotion to their craft. We loved this one! 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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