Feel It – The Hillties

The Hillties caught our attention with the release of their new single, Feel it. We love the rhythmic feel that this song provides. Their harmonic guitar riffs and indie rock breaks bring melodic surprise. We hear similarities to the infectious feel of The Beth’s with the mainstream potential of Luke Combs. The Hillties take inspiration from rock and country and update it with an indie aesthetic. Their impressive guitar licks are beautiful and captivating. 

The Hillties are based in Canada, a hub for classic indie alt-rock hits. Feel It was produced by Ben Kaplan in Vancouver. The group admits that the single was inspired from the implications of covid. According to guitarist Craig Beauchamps, it was written in a world of change where love and loss drove their creative process. The Hillties are all about the vibes. We loved this one. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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