Crying in the Drive-Thru – Paige Keiner

If You’re Looking for a catchy song, you need to hear Crying in the Drive-Thru, the new single from Paige Keiner. Her indie rock and pop feel has created an undeniable hit. Full of Infectious melodies and uplifting anthemic vibes, Crying In The Drive-Thru delivers savory satisfaction. Fans of Paramore and The Killers will instantly connect with this sound. We love the energy that was created in this track. It embellishes euphoric feelings and emotions. 

Based in Nashville, Paige Keiner created Crying in the Drive-Thru to help process the feelings that rush you after the end of a relationship. This track comes off fun and uplifting but is also an intimate moment as Paige reveals her feelings and experiences throughout life. We believe this song will resonate with many listeners and create an outlet for people to let their emotions out. We loved this one, and will be keeping a close eye on Paige Keiner

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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