I Feel the Sun – Piperlain

If you’re looking for a catchy song, you need to hear I Feel the Sun, the new single from Piperlain. We were instantly grabbed by this anthemic indie dream pop vibe. We love the versatility of this track. The infectious melodic intention reminds us of The Paper Kites, with an alternative twist from The Cranberries. Their inventive sound design, and dreamy vocals, sets you up for an intriguing listen. 

Piperlain recently released their EP called Shine on You, which includes their new hit single, I Feel the Sun. This EP was recorded at MusicPro Farmstay Studios, and mastered at Abbey Road studios in London. The Theme of the EP is about being lost and found. They focus on topics such as relationships and the pressure of the society. I Feel the Sun is such a beautiful listen and we encourage you to check out their new EP. We really liked this one. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!


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