Alrighty Aphrodite – Dumb Belles

Get lost in the dreamy design of Alrighty Aphrodite, the new single from Dumb Belles. Infused with both indie rock and pop, the Dumb Belles have blessed us with a euphoric track. Their outstanding harmonies and old school groove have created an infectious vibe. We hear similarities to Fleetwood Mac and the Hinds. Their minimalistic nature is also very desirable, accenting every detail effectively. 

Dumb Belles is based in Texas, where four friends charmingly decided to start a group. All of the recording was done in Sophia Kurihara’s room, who is also their guitarist and bassist. You’ve got to love the DIY aspect. That genuine joy and authentic intention shows in their work. That’s brought them attention and lead to some exciting opportunities such as opening for Sloppy Jane. We really enjoyed listening to this one. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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