Song for the Silver Surfer – PolSky

Get lost in the dreamy design of Song for the Silver Surfer, the new single from PolSky. We were collectively captivated by their indie dream pop appeal and anthemic melodies, PolSky nails it out of the park with their new single.

Fans of Blur and Jarvis Cooker will instantly connect with this sound. You can particularly hear the influence of some of the Damon Albarn’s more introspective works with Gorillaz. The intoxicating vibe is immersive, entangling you in its catchy harmonious brilliance. The melodies and riffs are diverse and dynamic. PolSky truly took us on a journey. Explore Song for the Silver Surfer. 

Song for the Silver Surfer, focuses on finding love while getting older. It encompasses how our feelings adapt with time. We are obsessed with this one! 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!


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