Sex Complex – The Loud Bangs

Get lost in the innovative design of Sex Complex, the new single from The Loud Bangs. Experimental, with a touch of indie rock, this shoegaze band has blended an impressive sonic storm. It’s immersive and dreamy to match its sonic intrigue. Fans of My Bloody Valentine and Duster will instantly connect with this sound.

In the spirit of shoegaze Their hypnotic vocals soar beneath their experimental aesthetic. It’s one of their most captivating details heard throughout their new EP.

Sex Complex is a part of their recently released EP titled Stray Honey. The Loud Bangs, consists of 4 band members. They were founded in 2021 in Los Angeles. Their EP was achieved by the help of producer Darren Callahan. This is The Loud Bangs seventh EP in the span of only fourteen months. That is very impressive, and shows their ambition and prolific potential. We loved this one. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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