How Do You Know It’s Not A Sign – J. I. Gassen

J. I. Gassen caught our attention with the release of their new single, How Do You Know It’s Not A Sign. J. I. Gassen’s intoxicating vocals, and surreal indie soundscapes, made this a very enjoyable listen. Fans of Little Dragons and James Blake will instantly connect with this sound. This track has many different elements and some dramatic progressive appeal. We were in love with how the song grew, and appreciated the nuances that were used to drive the energy in this track. 

J. I. Gassen is a mult-instrumentalist. He produces and engineers his track himself, which is very impressive. He is very hands on. We can hear the love and care that he has had in this track. How Do You Know It’s Not A Sign, is very emotional and raw. He has given us the opportunity to listen and feel  certain topics that he has experienced. We loved the vulnerability behind this track. We really enjoyed this one, and we look forward to hearing more. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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