Indie Underrated – Gal Musette, Aisyah Aziz, Black Flak and the Nightmare Firefighters, Kodaclips, Savoy Ellis

Gal Musette is intoxicating on her recent Plateau.  The artist brings a gorgeous combination of melody, songwriting, and illuminating production.  Harmoniously delicious, its most striking detail are its introspective lyrics.  “No Joy, No Pain.”  Lyrical truths are littered throughout with imagery to connect it to our shared experience.  Musette is tuned in to life’s sufferable irony. 

She elegantly injects these truths with haunting appeal.  The siren reclaimed her authentic self on her introductory Julia, Plateau is her crossover arrival.  This indie pop gem casts a wide net of influence, tagging her treasured inspirations like Rufus Wainwright and adding her own indie alterations. 

Signaporian born singer Aisyah Aziz is a star.  Her vocal delivery is full of dynamic emotional affect, swaying and inflicting in tandem with her music’s building narrative.  She blends multiple dialects on her impressive janji kita bertemu lagi, translated “promise we’ll meet again.”

  Her seductive vocal delivery and star potential are guaranteed to meet you in some serene daydream where she lullaby’s you to sleep.  Her elite charm and modest seduction is in on full display in the impressive companion video.  Her melodic prowess offers her the mainstream appeal of Billie Eilish with an indie sensibility akin to Courtney Marie Andrews.  She is simply undeniable.

If you’re going to cover Alanis Morisette, then you can’t do any better than the version of Uninvited by Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters.  Their version is epic, injecting a Post Rock sensibility and modern atmospheric indie appeal.  The result is glorious.  A rich alteration of the arrangement, it’s only as good as the vocalists contribution.  She steals the show with scorn and attitude to match her perfect pitch.  Collectively a solid re-imagination that gives this classic a new cinematic reverence.  

Kodaclips are anthemic on Not My Sound.  The immersive shoegaze intention is lifted with melodic catchy appeal.  A solid presentation and gorgeous buried vocal design cements the desired vibe, a trademark of this style. 

The vocals break through the repetitive trap with an emphatic second level heard at the songs midpoint.  The singer erupts with passionate fury, pushing the emotion through with an intense second level to match the musics instinctual fury.  Kodaclips will instantly connect with shoegaze fans, but the melodic catchy design should please rock fans in general.  

A lot can happen when you alter a song in post production.  When all is said and done you’ve got your tune, your master track or maybe access to the stems, and what you have is what you get until…

That’s the spirit Savoy Ellis took into the studio when he revisted his release Don’t Break My Heart/The One.  Speeding up the track gives the song an entirely new feel, and pulls it out of the contemporary R&B space and into a jazz inspired psych pop space.    It makes sense, as psych pop artists like Tame Impala and have used similar tactics to update their material.

Gal Musette, Aisyah Aziz, Black Flak and the Nightmare Firefighters, Kodaclips, and Savoy Ellis are currently featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist.

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