Day Dreaming – Hiza Guruma

Get lost in the dreamy design of Day Dreaming the new single from Hiza Guruma. Its moody soundscape and euphoric design plunges you into the psychedelic cinematic vibe. Their music is reminiscent to John Vincent III and The Sword. We love the ambience and atmospheric under layers. This track was very tasteful and had many creatively intriguing. 

Based in Athens Greece, the band was formed by George Sapountzis in the year 2021. The bands sound and ideas were inspired by shoegaze and early 90s dream pop. Day Dreaming was produced by George sapountzis and Vice Lesley. We love the passion behind this bands music and its revival aesthetic. We look forward to hearing future releases from Hiza Guruma

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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