Strawberry Pie – Arden Alexa

If you’re looking for a catchy song, you need to hear Strawberry Pie, the new single from Arden Alexa. Her lyrics and vocals are immediately infectious. Her catchy euphoric commercial ready melodies resonate as she talks about her her first love. Fans of Olivia Rodrigo and Gracie Abrams will instantly connect with this indie pop sound. 

Arden Alexa takes inspiration from Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, and adds her own unique twist. We love the aesthetic and catchy appeal. Based in San Francisco, Arden released her first single in 2021 called The Coast. This is where her musical journey started, and since then she has fully committed herself. Strawberry Pie, which is her most recent release, asserts her as a buzz artist to watch. We loved the catchy melodies and vocal structure in this song. Can’t wait to see what else Arden Alexa comes out with! 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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