Lazy Days and Lullabies – Martyn Scott

Martyn Scott is immediately infectious with their new single Lazy Days and Lullabies. This Singer songwriter hits hard with his indie rock appeal and soft rock sensibility. The moody harmonies and dreamy soundscape provide an ethereal collection of beautiful sounds to harmoniously immerse in. Fans of Oasis and The Beach Boys will instantly connect with this sound. 

Born in Rotherham, Martyn started playing live music at the age of 17. This led him to eventually play in front of thousands of people, in which he was supporting The Bootleg Beatles. Martyn since then, has pursued his own career in music. He writes and plays everything in his music. Martyn is a true independent artist from start to finish. We really enjoyed listening to this one. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!


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