Indie Underrated – Lily Harden, St, Kio, Harmo Draus

Sad girl indie folk has a new heroine in Lily Harden.  Her new single Little Green House is soothing musical melatonin.  Her gentle hush is seductive, turning every offering into a lovers lullaby.  She matches the sad folk appeal of Elliot Smith with updated iterations by Girlhouse and Clairo.  We also hear the classic influence of The Beatles, as Harden tags contemporary compositional motions with a new indie flair, also recalling the works of Andrew Bird and Beirut.  Thats a lot of brilliant intention, and the sonic guides are well earned.  Little Green House sounds simply delightful.  

St. Kio erupts on their recent Heavenly.  The initial guitar part recalls the work of Tash Sultana.  The moment quickly explodes with an immersive design akin to Shoegaze.  The big guitars recede in the bridge section as the artists intoxicating ethereal vocal consumes you with melodic brilliance.  Catchy but dedicated to a vibe, it bridges the gap between MBV and Beach House elegantly.  We enjoy it immensely.  

French singer Harmo Draüs pulled us in with her recent Miles Away.  Her voice is rich, rare, and exotic.  The music has a mysterious retro quality, drawing comparisons to the legacy of Kate Bush with the vocal prowess of Lana Del Rey.  The nostalgic production gives Miles Away some retro intention.  A gorgeous production in any light, its the singers sultry appeal that makes it undeniable.  

Indie Underrated – Lily Harden, St, Kio, and Harmo Draus are featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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