Secrets – Tim Barr

Tim Barr is immediately infectious with their new single Secrets. His heavy alternative indie rock sound pairs nicely with his dreamy vocals. For comparison we hear a more shoegaze version of The Districts. Tim Barr has created an immersive melancholy aesthetic, emphasizing his vibrant sonic inclinations.

Tim Barr has a number of singles that have been released since 2019, all showcasing his buzzworthy writing and production. His journey so far has been outstanding, starting with being Lana Del Ray’s bass player on the New York club circuit. He has collaborated and worked with many different artists since then, leading up to him starting his own project. His dedication to music and working with others shows in the attention he gives his craft. That sentiment is heard on his impressive Secrets. We loved listening to Secrets and will be keeping an eye out for future releases from Tim Barr

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!


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