Nowhere to GO – ALCHA

Get lost in the dreamy design of Nowhere to Go, the new single from ALCHA. Indie Pop meets Dream Pop in ALCHA’s recently released single. We hear a more upbeat Joji with the classic indie appeal known to icons Radiohead. It’s graced with an additional influence from Novo Armor. ALCHA’s inventive soundscape provides a beautiful atmosphere beneath his vocals. We are huge fans of the dreamy pop groove that is held strong throughout this whole track. 

ALCHA has released two other euphoric records that can be found here. This artist has been musically inclined since he was young, leading him to starting his own personal project in 2021. His goals were to provide an outlet for his thoughts and show others his inner life, while also blessing us with groovy instrumentals and catchy melodies. ALCHA’s solo project Is just getting started, we are very excited to hear more of what is to come. We really enjoyed listening this one. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist.  

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