Far to Fall – Ethan Stauffer

You need to hear Far to Fall, the new single from Ethan Stauffer. With funky appeal and a touch of indie rock, Far to Fall is catchy and exciting. Ethan Stauffer is the man behind all the magic, accompanied by his wife who sings the beautiful harmonies. Their voices mix elegantly. Musically it’s reminiscent to the Red Hot Chilly Peppers with similarities to John Mayer heard in their infectious vocals. 

Ethan Stauffer is a versatile performer who has lent his abilities to various projects, leading him to now focusing on creating a solo project, starting with his first EP, Do It. This project was recorded in Everloft Studios, based in PA. Joe Venango, a lead engineer, had a huge roll to play in the making of the project. He provided valuable input and an additional sonic touch. The inspiration behind this project stems from Ethan’s fondness of the opening credits theme song from the X-Files. We really enjoyed listening Far to Fall and loved the inspiration behind it.

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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