Too much? – Jordan Sommerlad

Get immersed in the dreamy design of Too Much?, the new single from Jordan Sommerlad. A dynamic indie release, there’s a hint of the retro dance pop appeal of Future Islands with an indie sensibility and catchy charm known to underground icons Ra Ra Riot. The vocals deliver, bringing an uplifting euphoric aesthetic with soaring melodies. Harmonies by Lizzie Miller accentuate the affect and stretch the melodic spectrum. The guitar lead lines follow and compliment the vocals, tying the harmonious soundscape together.

Too much? Is apart of Jordan’s album Polly’s House, which was just released on January 20th. This album is versatile, intricate, and well thought out. His ambient nuances throughout show the lasting influence from turn of the century innovators Radiohead. As a solo project, this is a work of art. The album slaps from front to back, dig in!. 

Get started with the single Too Much? now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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