Champagne Tears – Faerie

You need to hear Champagne Tears, the new single from Faerie. Her dreamy aesthetic, paired with the upbeat fun instrumentation, is simply euphoric. She has the indie crossover appeal of Kacey Musgraves with an innovative production style known to Beirut. That indie pop blend could draw comparisons to Faye Webster. With moody acoustic guitars and drums, she could also connect with indie folk fans of acts like Bon Iver. 

Champagne Tears is the latest in a string of impressive singles. The narrative song is centered around the idea of being in a relationship that has lost its meaning and is full of drama. She talks about how the drama and adrenaline that comes with It can be maladaptively addictive. The track was produced by Matt Bedrosian and co-written by Christian Young. Faerie and her team solidified this track through long conversations. They put the message at the forefront and dressed it with sonic brilliance. This is a beautiful story, and a timeless message. We really enjoyed this one. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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