In My Head – Benjamin Brett

Benjamin Brett caught our attention with the release of their new single, In My Head. His heartfelt message and melancholy guitar playing sounds recalls the early works of Phoebe Bridgers. The narrative finds Benjamin explaining his feelings of losing touch with his true self. Besides Bridgers, fans of more classic acts like Fleetwood Mac and Radiohead will instantly connect with this vibe. We love the diversity in the instrumentation and how Benjamin Brett crafts his story and elevates the drama with the arrangement. 

Based in Brighton UK, Benjamin Brett has self In My Head. He recorded at North Brighton recording studios and had his track mastered by Church Road Company. He was Accompanied by Andy McFarlane who played drums, and Sean Coyle, who was on the bass for this track. Benjamin did a fantastic job producing this album, we are huge fans. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist! 

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