Desolation – Simon Linsteadt

Get lost in the dreamy design of Desolation, the new single from Simon Linsteadt. You’re not expecting to hear the robotic style of Daft Punk with an acoustic accompaniment more known to Jeff Buckley or acoustic Pink Floyd. We find this contrast to be exhilarating. We love the experimental soundscape and innovative appeal. The drums have a very distinct sonic construction and add the perfect moody nuance to this track.

Living in Midcoast Maine, Simon Linsteadt is an experimental singer/songwriter and recording artist. He has released six solo albums since 2013. He is the frontman of Steep Ravine, in which he toured all over America, performing at venues such as the Great American Music Hall, The Fillmore and more. 

Desolation is about a recurring dream that takes place in an alienating landscape. Simon thought it would be best to give his voice this expiermental transformer sound to catch the vibe of his dream. Between all of his different sonic choices for instruments and voices, Desolation nails its intention. He really took us into a different imaginative world.

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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