Every Body – The Drunk Astronomer

We were drawn into how Every Body was created by the Drunk Astronomer, the solo project for Nathan Fox. The artist shares that “one day, when I sat with my guitar, all of this anatomy knowledge came spewing out of my subconscious”. At first it started off as a joke for him, but then turned into something great. The ambient layers of synth’s and melodic guitar riffs create a nice soft indie rock feel that has traces of shoe-gaze tendecies. Listening to his vocals, we hear similarities of the flaming lips and David Bowie. With his raw but dreamy vocal we are also reminded of Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. 

Every Body also has a music video that has some intriguing visuals.

This song was recorded at Church Lane Studios in North Yorkshire, produced by Matt Davison and mixed by Ade Barwick. Overall this was a great listen, with a diverse set of influences. It also has a great lyrical narrative. This song was well put together we’re looking forward to his future releases! 

Listen now, in our Indie Underrated Playlist!


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