The Tannhauser Gate – Blindness & Light

We were captivated by The Tannhauser Gate, the new release from Blindness & Light. The experimental intro brings an ethereal sound that might remind you of Radiohead, with its atmospheric touches and moody drum beat. His opening vocals drawn out over a shoe-gaze aesthetic, with the blended underlayer of ambient synth’s, recall traces of Tame Impala. Colin Potter, the mastermind behind the magic, has done an excellent job arranging this song musically. We were especially drawn to the vocal samples that he included in The Tannhauser Gate

The Tannhauser Gate was produced by Tony Denmade at Warrington studio. Some of the main influences for this track included, the Smiths and Joy Division. This was Colin’s first release that wasn’t written on guitar. This shows the broadness of Colins creativity. We thought The Tannhauser Gate was a fantastic song. We loved the different unique sounds that were used to build this record. 

Listen now on our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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