Bring Out the Sunshine – Nick Noon

If you’re looking for a catchy song, you need to hear Bring Out The Sunshine, the new single from Nick Noon. Nick pens a nostalgic musical masterpiece with production reminiscent to the Sergeant Pepper era from the Beatles. With his catchy melodies and impactful vocals, we also hear traces of David Bowie. Noon took us on a lyrical journey within the dynamic narrative. We love the way this song builds both in energy and sonic presence throughout.

The music video also slays. Nick Noon has a penchant for great visuals.  

Innately catchy, the tasteful guitar licks and memorable vocal melodies have us humming this tune in our head. His sound brings a classic indie soft rock feel, with major anthemic vibes.

Noon enlisted a pro team to bring the new single to life. Bring Out The Sunshine was mastered by Brian Lucey who worked on the Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys. Noon has some of the Brit Pop appeal of the Monkeys and an alternative nostalgic angle that should please fans of The Keys. Lucey enriches the pro presentation, melding the big layers together in a final masterful sweep. We loved listening to this record, get in it.

Listen now on our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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