Bringing Back The Feel – Árstíðir

Get lost in the groovy design of Bringing Back The Feel, the new single from Árstíðir. Its uplifting beat initially shows an influence to indie folk reggae, drawing similarities to Michael Franti. As it evolves it displays a melodic sensibility and production arrangement akin to Damien Rice. This Indie folk aesthetic has a beautiful musical arrangement that features guitar, piano, and strings. Collectively they create a dreamy masterpiece for these vocals to rest on top of. This song can be visualized through their music video. 

Bringing Back The Feel was written in 2020. Árstíðir consists of three band members, Daniel, Gunnar, and Ragnar. They created this piece sharing a passion for vocal harmonies which are represented well in Bringing Back the Feel. This song is the next step in their musical career as it showcases what is to come in the year of 2023. We thoroughly enjoyed this track, and look forward to hearing their future releases. 

Listen now in our Indie Underrated Playlist!

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