Sophie Bernice – Sunny

We fell for the inherent charm and classic appeal of Sunny, the new single from Sophie Bernice. Righteous in her barest presentation, a guitar and her voice are all that’s needed. Modest embellishments add to the instinctual dreamy constructs that manifest inside your mind, as she weaves you into her melodic oasis. There you find her cherished “Sunny,” a figurative superior reality, one that never knows the infinite suffering.

Sunny has the innovative cloak of Joni Mitchell, appearing innocent and unaware despite its magnificent upbringing. You don’t just fall in to this kind of musical sincerity and delight, you fight for it. You have to acquire incredible skill while maintaining your authentic presence, that youthful surprise and musical wonder heard in Sophie’s performance, as she arrives on every note like she’s also hearing Sunny for the first time.

Hear Sunny now on our Indie Underrated Playlist.

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