The Jones Title – Paper / Plastic

NY indie band The Jones Title caught our attention with their new single Paper / Plastic.  These vibrant urban rockers have been releasing a bounty of eclectic singles over the past two years, all steeped in classic arrangements that blend the ethos of classic alternative with the swagger of modern indie rock. 

Paper / Plastic continues the trend.  Their group aesthetic means every contribution is paramount to the collective presentation.  The members respond to each other gracefully, showcasing their ability to create an immersive arrangement without having to lean into the temptation of overproducing. 

The catchy syncopated rhythm in the chorus recalls the infectious retro pop of INXS.  The trademark stutter drum design honors the indie rock legacy of early 2000’s acts like Interpol, updated with the epic appeal of the Killers and some classic alternative vibes known to Pearl Jam.  Collectively it’s an exciting blend with progressive appeal, as the song unfolds like a journey, building in tandem with the vocalists impassioned delivery.  A great rock song that can also get a crowd dancing, The Jones Title would be a great live show with nostalgic appeal. 

Dig into Paper / Plastic now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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