Rory Lynch – Sittin’ On The Well

Santa Cruz Songwriter Rory Lynch recently dropped his debut album Sittin’ On The Well. The expansive 11 track release features rich impressive arrangements. Spiritually classic with an indie folk heart, the album recalls the crossover legacies of icons Norah Jones and Jackson Browne.

Soulful with a Nashville sensibility and some jazz influenced flare, Rory is poised to energize a festival circuit addicted to nostalgic updates. Rory separates himself wise and whitty lyrical poetry in contrast to todays over typical abstract. A new Americana storyteller to sift through our real life comedies, he shines on moments like Trustafarian and Hank Aaron’s Rookie Card.

He’s also a busty romantic with impassioned songs like Can’t Wait Until The Morning Comes and Learn To Love A Woman. Dressing these evolving melodies with tasteful offerings of skipping trumpets, trickling ivories, and the harmonic support of Taylor Rae, Sittin’ On The Well is collectively delightful.

The whole album is a gem, I Won’t Wonder Why is currently featured on our Indie Underrated Playlist. The whole album is available below, stream it wherever you subscribe and give Rory some love on his IG!

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