Temperature Falls – Moment of Loneliness

Temperature Falls finds respite in their new single Moment of Loneliness.  The Norway duo adds an additional style to their eclectic palette. Often presenting as dark pop with trip hop influence, Moment of Loneliness is their chillest work yet.  It brings dreamy intention with a dose of chill hop known to alternative R&B and Neo Souls influence on indie pop. 

The innovative chord composition is intoxicating, with interesting variation that propels the moment forward.  Singer Camilla soothes you with her patient approach, hanging on cascading melodies with enhanced drama.  With soulful intention we found similarities to recent indie breakout Charlotte Day Wilson. 

Please Don’t Go suggests a lyrical moment of healing, but presented in this manner the affect receives as seductive and inviting.  That vibe makes you want to swing it on repeat as you baske beneath candlelight embraced by the one you love to love. 

Enjoy Moment of Loneliness now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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