Thief Motif – Almost Normal

Dreamy instrumentation collides into an infectious backbeat at the opening of Almost Normal, the new single from Seattle emerging rockers Thief Motif.  Melodically seductive in its own right, its the emphatic vocal that seals the deal.  Full of passion and youthful energy, Almost Normal is epic.  A dynamic percussive design and intense bass line push beyond the conventions of baseline indie.  The harmonious guitar layers are equally inventive.  Thief Motif brings proficient musicianship with catchy pop appeal.  

That attention to their craft connects them with icons like Grizzy Bear or Dirty Projectors, but with the snappy appeal of the 1975 and the energetic pomp of Paramore.  Flying too far under the radar, and hailing from the treasured genre bending breeding ground that is Seattle, Thief Motif just needs to hit the right ears to take off.  Then you’ll be saying you knew them first.  

Get into them now.  Check out Almost Normal on our Indie Underrated Playlist. 

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