Diana Is Calling – I Wish You Could See

From NYC by way of Philly we are gifted the experimental indie project Diana Is Calling. They recently dropped a collection of songs titled Poison. They’ve been dripping out singles over the last year in advance of the release. The prolific outfit is fronted by an impressive storyteller. They embellish the groups penchant for melodic musicianship and boutique arrangment’s with poetic affect. The concept is on full display with the single I Wish You Could See.

A dreamy guitar frolics around the songs swaggering rhythmic framework. The vocalist weaves together abstract sentiments that conjure buried sexual emotions in our collective unconscious. It’s as much a commentary on our collective evolutions as it is a personal delve into their own acquired revelation in their age of sexual affirmation. Like Joni Mitchell they dictate complex prose with a sweet smooth delivery. It’s featured in the song’s opening verse as they reveal “…glued to this bedroom I’m waiting, someone’s rewinding all the thing’s I’ve done in my life…”

Melanie Juliano – vocals

Whereas empowerment meets the trials of our trivial arrangements, we demand works like these to work out the complications through art. Diana Is Calling provides a soundtrack for the complex beings who see outside the lines. They do it in abundance throughout Poison. At times their style leans contemporary as to comment that these truths were always self evident. Fans of art projects like Belle and Sebastian and Yo La Tengo will immediately connect with their tempered oft punk nature. Overall, Diana Is Calling casts a wide net in the world of indie. While the record accents their arrangements and studied musical histories, the live show is guaranteed to punch you in the gut.

Enjoy I Wish You Could See now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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