Marilynka – Anima

UK based artist Marilynka creates a dark and dreamy hit with her new single Anima. The eclectic sonic palette features contrasting elements of grunge and EDM, all lifted by her trademark hush vocal and sultry affect. It’s dark and seductive in the spirit of mysterious exotic romantic gothic art.

The experimental design feels rooted in classic works by Bjork, with a sentiment towards the modern movement known as Witchhouse and its pillar acts like Crystal Castles and Crime3s. Marilynka should also appeal to fans of dark pop artists like Grimes and Purity Ring. The artist is already being embraced by fans of Trip Hop, as Anima is a solid combination of a dark melodic aesthetic with a downtempo vibe.

Hear Anima now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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