Yorina – Not Perfect

Yorina caught our attention with her catchy new single Not Perfect. In the age of the vibe Yorina presents a proper chorus. The infectious hook of Not Perfect is Indie Pop Gold. Graced with the artists sweet sentimental voice, there’s something spiritual and authentic within the songs sacred message.

In some ways Yorina might be considered close to perfection. With legs that go on forever and a model sculpt she might expemplify physical perfection. Adding the sick DJ sicks and massive songwriting talents, she’s def cool AF. But Yorina knows better than to flaunt her finer attributes on a generation raised in the vanity of social media. Not Perfect is an anthem for people everywhere who are misunderstood due to the misconceptions society places on them. Things are hard for Yorina too, they’re hard for everyone.

Not Perfect has the indie pop appeal known to Holly Humberstone and Kacy Hill. She also connects with up and comers like Charlotte Day Wilson. Indie Pop with an R&B soul and EDM background, she’s on the fast track to Fresh Finds.

Hear Not Perfect now on our Indie Underrated Playlist.

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