National Service – Milktooth

Buried beneath the depths of 65k weekly random uploads we mined indie rock gold. Fiery Drums and an emotional vocal kick off Milktooth, the infectious new single from the band National Service. In the spirit of indie, you can pickup a conglomerate of influences that collectively inspired their melodic ethos.

Evidence of post punk icons like Joy Division and the Cure, blended with bands that were inspired by that movement like Doves, Arcade Fire, and Radiohead. There’s even a semblance of emo founders like Bright Eyes and Braid. In essence fans of all of these projects are going to relish in this measured chaos.

But National Service sounds ready to break through. There’s mainstream appeal in the undeniably catchy and curious lead vocal. Ripe with a raw scratchy delivery, embracing all the rough textures that other singers try to hide. It’s the interesting voice that will draw you into their collective catalog, and it’s the intense full band performance that’s going to deliver in concert. Hear it now on our Indie Underrated Playlist

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